To Read

How do you keep track of books that you are recommended? For a while I was keeping a list in my phone’s notes program, but I was recently clued into the app “To Read”. It’s very simple, and it even gives you a synopsis of each book that you add.


And then when you open the app, you get a screen like this. Well, initially yours will be blank; mine is already full of books!



To add a book, you press the + in the upper right hand corner, search, and it will add the book to your queue. When you click on one of the books in your queue (or when you are searching for the book), it will give you a synopsis like so:



I was able to find every book on my list in the app’s library, so I assume it is fairly extensive. The one drawback for me with the app is that it is almost too simple. I would like a small notes section so that I can list where I got the recommendation from. I recently started reading one of the books from my list, and I have no idea who recommended it to me!

As it turns out, the app is still pretty new, so I am going to email the creator and make the suggestion of adding a notes section to it. Other than that, I have A LOT of books “to read”!

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