2014 in Review

This past year, I read 30 books! That averages out to 2.5 books per month, or 1 book per 12.2 days. That’s a total of 10,855 pages, or 30 pages every day. Apparently 30 pages every day = 30 books in a year!

Because I’m a nerd, here are some additional statistics about my reading. You’re so welcome.

My most-read genre was YA (Young Adult) encompassing 20% of the books in 2014. I’m surprised that 10% of my reads were classics, as typically I only read 1 each year. I don’t anticipate my romance/erotica category to be as high for 2015; this year’s was skewed by the Fifty Shades trilogy.

I also went through to see what my ratings were. I separated into “all 30 books” and “book club only (12) books”.  I rated the most books as 3’s (which I think is to be expected). I didn’t have anything below a 2.5 for book club books, and nothing below a 2 for all books. I think that’s due to a general level of quality when choosing books. (My lone 2 rating belongs to the last of the Fifty Shades books which I felt compelled to finish to complete the series.) I did find it pleasantly surprising that my 3 top-rated books were all book club choices (here, here, and here).

All Books


Club Books


And last but not least, where all my books came from. I’m obviously a big library user because 50% of my books came from the library (I’m counting ebooks and audiobooks in that). About 25% (8 books) were either borrowed from someone else or they were “other” which in this case means either given to me or found in my collection of existing books. The remaining 7 books were purchased either new or used. Based on some rough Amazon calculations, had I bought all the books brand spanking new, I would have spent about $280 on books. Instead, I spent only $63. (The major purchase at $18 was Insurgent which had an infinite library hold and was impossible at that time to find used.)



I hope that’s enough nerd stuff for your liking. Bring on 2015!

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