2015 in Review

I’m a nerd in topics aside from books. I love breaking things down into numbers.

This past year, I read 25 books (or 2.1 books per month). That works out to a book approximately every 14.6 days. The books I read totaled 9146 pages for the year which equates to about 25 pages a day.

If you check last year’s stats, you’ll note that I’m down five books from 2014. However, I attribute at least part of that to moving over the summer, causing a large void in reading during June and July. Another thing from this year is that I didn’t finish one book (thus I didn’t count it in my stats) and I also didn’t read one of the book club picks (Beloved). Both of these are rare occurrences for me!


Enough about the bad facts though. Onto the remainder of the stats!

I must be getting older or something. This year, I added a category that didn’t exist in last year’s metrics–autobiography. Also, my most-read category this year is literary fiction instead of YA (but YA is a close second). I read no memoirs this year, and my romance/erotica category also significantly decreased.

2015 Genres

I also went through to see what my ratings were. I separated into “all 25 books” and “book club only (10) books (one must either be in 2014 or will be in 2016)”.  I rated the most books as 4’s (which means I either am being more optimistic or I chose better books than in 2014 where most were 3’s!). I didn’t have anything below a 2.5 or higher than 4.5 (5 is a unicorn though). My highest ranked books were not book club picks like last year so I guess that means my own personal picks are better to my own liking! My top reads can be found here and here.

2015 All Books2015 Book Club Books

I also try to keep track of where I get my books. This year, as compared to last year, the majority of my books were purchased new! However, one was a “Kindle Daily Deal” and a few of them were purchased for Kindle so they could be read on an international vacation (questionable access to getting them from the library and didn’t want to pack hard covers). I would like to try to plan better and reduce the number of books purchased new in 2016. A variety of books fall into the “Other” category–gifts, books we already had, books like The Three Musketeers that are out of copyright and can be obtained for free.

2015 Method of Attaining Books

Lastly, I got some stats from WordPress for the past year. A few interesting bits. I had my 100th post this past year. I also got my 100th follower (thanks, friends and fellow bookworms!). My most popular post was the one about The Time Keeper discussion questions.

I’ve already finished my first book in 2016 and am well on my way to a second one. I think that’s a good omen for the upcoming year!

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