2016 in Review

So this year was a little weak for me. I’ve been involved heavily in an animal rescue which has taken up a good portion of my free time. I only read 16 books in 2016, or an average of 1.3 per month. The books I read encompassed 5583 pages, or 15.3 pages per day.

On the positive side though, there were a few bright lights. I read a career book for work which is a yearly goal of mine. I also read a book that was written by a woman of color which was another goal of mine. In fact for 2017, all 3 of my book club choices were books written by non-white women. Lastly, I knocked off a few books off of my To Read list! For 2017, I intend to read another career-oriented book for work as well as a technical book related to my job.

My genres were fairly well-balanced over the year. I did not have any books that I would have specifically considered fantasy, but I would consider that Midnight Robber was a fantasy/sci-fi but I technically considered it sci-fi.


Next, I want to see whether I am reading books that I like. I separated all of the books compared to just the book club books. The book club books comprised of all the 2.5 ratings–the lowest rating for the year. Otherwise, there was a pretty decent spread for both book club and non-book club books. Last year, I had one 4.5 rating with significantly more 4 star ratings so that’s a bit of disappointment that I didn’t get more higher-rated books this year.



I also keep track of how much money I spend on books. This year the good majority of my books came from the library, mostly by ebooks. I borrowed one book as well as was given one by my mom for my birthday. I only purchased one–the one for work so that I could write in it for my bi-weekly discussions.


Here is to a much more bookish 2017! I’m already reading and hope you are too!

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