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Marfa Book Company

I spent Thanksgiving in the town of Marfa, Texas. If you aren’t familiar, I won’t judge (but you should look it up!). It’s a town of only 2000 people, a three hour drive from the closest airport. However, it’s a great town in so many ways. The town was predominately known for its fort during WW2, but it was reborn in the 70s by the artist Donald Judd. Due to this artistic influence, the town developed into a really great quirky place. One of the places in the town was the Marfa Book Company, a great little independent book store that also sold pottery and art. I had to support the place so I ended up buying two unusual books–The Private Life of Trees and Autobiography of a Corpse. I can’t wait to read them both.





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Weekend Trip to Half Price Books

Used book stores are a danger. I walk in looking for one specific book…and I walk out with all sorts of new friends. I went to the Half Price Books on Saturday with the intention of picking up Ernest Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises (next book club read). They had only one Hemmingway and it wasn’t that one. (Who is hoarding all the Hemmingways?)

So I started looking for some other books on the book club list, but I didn’t find any of them either. And then I ever so accidentally wandered into the young adult section. Danger! I bought the hardcover Hunger Games (I had originally borrowed it from the library but bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay when they released soI needed it to complete my hardcover set). And then, since I’m getting married next month, (and I have six bridesmaids) I saw this glorious picture with the set of Harry Potter books. But my collection is incomplete. I only had books 5-7 because my sister and I shared 1-4 and she kept them. So Half Price Books provided me with books 2 and 3. (Still in need of 1 and 4!)

a+b-13 copy

(Photo taken from Capital Romance)

But wait!! I did buy two books that I haven’t read yet. I picked up books 1 and 3 (I meant to get 2!) of the Mortal Instruments series (City of Bones and City of Glass) that my friend Carly recommended. And the lady who checked me and my pile of young adult fiction out at Half Price Books non-sarcastically (seriously) told me they were really good too. So those are at the top of my to-read pile. Now back to the original task of finding that Hemmingway!

*Note: I brought home Hunger Games to put with my other two, and I couldn’t find them. And then I remembered that my dad borrowed them from me because he wanted to read them. So I guess I’m not going to grow out of the young adult book phase any time soon! 🙂


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